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    Poultry Products

    Poultry industry has made considerable contribution to food production and plays a vital role in the agro economy . Poultry farming has proven to be a profitable enterprise, as it is the best and cheapest source of protein. As emphasis is more on performance and efficiency , the poultry grower is focusing more on ingredient quality, efficiency, food safety and ecology.


    This category consists of vitamin combinations as feed premixes, water soluble powders and liquid orals...

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    Probiotics have been defined as 'a live microbial feed supplement which beneficially affects the host animal...

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    Electrose is a water soluble electrolyte for poultry. The primary role of electrolytes lies in the maintenance of...

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    Toxin Binders

    Due to global warming and change in the climatic patterns is seriously affecting quality of food grains...

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    Immunity Enhancers

    During out break of AI/VVND, indications of severe temperature, 20-80% mortality (in all age groups) are seen...

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    Liver Stimulants

    The liver, being one of the most vital organs of the body, constitutes the lifeline system of the bird and swine...

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    Enzymes are Bio Catalysts which increases the Bio chemical reaction within the cell without undergoing any change...

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    Products developed under this category  are recommended for various poultry diseases like mycoplasmosis...

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    Anti Coccidials

    SD COX is a water soluble coccidiostat preparation used for the treatment and prevention of coccidiosis in calves...

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    Speciality Products

    Saideep has introduced speciality products right from chick nutrition –CHICK O TONE, electrolytes in a liquid...

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    SaiClean is a unique Biosecurity Enhancer. Inactivates Microorganisms immediately on contact. It is highly effective aganist both...

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    Feed Acidifiers are acids included in feeds in order to lower the pH of the feed, gut, and microbial cytoplasm...

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    Anti Stress

    SAI-C has a blend of two most important herbal extracts Amla and Ashwagandha with properties of a natural...

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    Nutrient Enhancers

    SAIPRO is designed for increased bioavailability of protein and amino acids in particular, and energy and other...

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    Growth Promoters

    TONIPLEX  is a combination of vitamins and amino acids in a oral liquid form which promotes growth and...

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