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    Nutrient Enhancers

    Nutrient Enhancers

    SAIPRO is designed for increased bioavailability of protein and amino acids in particular, and energy and other nutrients in general.

    Setting right the marginal deficiencies of the most limiting amino acids (Lysine, Methionine, Threonine, Tryptophan) to their desired levels in the feed so that the amino acids’ array in the blood would become a perfect enactment for tissue protein synthesis, is the main criterion to overview the protein nourishment. This often reduces the decretion of amino acids and instead would alternately enhance the accretion of amino acids during tissue protein turn over leading to conservation of a valuable and expensive nutrient PROTEIN-a metabolic feat in deed ! Once the protein metabolism is set in a right motion, the other biochemical functions (energy utilization, fat assimilation and the vitamin/mineral capturing) eventually gear up their momentum.

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    Animal Feed Supplement


    • Probiotics
    • Enzymes
    • Lipotrophic factors
    • Methyl donors
    • pH regulators
    • Specific hydrolyzed oligopeptides


    • Layers
    • Adverse stress conditions
    • Optimum body weight at maturity
    • Uniform growth
    • Better egg size during early peaks
    • To prevent loose droppings
    • For quality eggs
    • For improved FCR
    • Better economy
    • Broilers
    • Adverse stress conditions.
    • Uniform growth
    • Better litter condition (score)
    • For improved FCR
    • Better immuno modulation
    • Better economy


    In times of Scarcity of Protein Supplements :

    Layers, Broilers : 2.5 Kg/ ton of feed along with 27.5 Kg Broilers of DE-Oiled rice bran / Rice Polish to replace 30 Kg of Soya / Meal / Peanut meal.

    For regular usage :

    Layers, Broilers : 1 Kg/ ton of feed


    25 kg bags