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    Livestock forms on integral part of the agro based economy. It is very important from the commercial standpoint to ensure the health and productivity of livestock. The modern farming techniques seek to increase yields and improve animal health. Livestock industry is the main source of meat and dairy products globally .Keeping this in mind Saideep has introduced a wide range of products from mineral supplements to milk enhancers suiting the needs of every livestock farmer. Products are available in powder, boli,& liquid forms. Saideep's decades of experience in the animal feed industry has helped develop & innovate on products for the livestock farmer.


    BIOSACC is an activated feed supplement for ruminants.It comprises of live yeast culture, essential minerals...

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    Milk Enhancers

    FLOMILK helps in initiating, maintaining and augmenting adequate milk production. FLOMILK contains a herbal...

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    Growth Promoter

    GROCALF-Growth promoter for calves The three most essential nutrients for calf growth and development are water...

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    Speciality Products

    MINTAB- all essential minerals in a tablet form, RUTONE BOLUS- for improved digestion, BIOSACC BOLUS...

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    Dairy cattle and buffaloes require mineral elements for normal body maintenance, reproduction and growth...

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