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    Aqua Products

    Challenges facing the aquaculture industry are rising costs and environmental concerns. Increasing regulatory changes, safety and health concerns are the issues confronting the aqua farmer. Sustainable aquaculture is the key to success. Responsible use of products for long term economic stability of the aqua farmer is the key. Keeping in mind the challenges confronting the aquaculture sector, Saideep has developed innovative products for nutrition and pond management which are bio sustainable and ecofriendly.

    Growth Promoters

    Nutrition plays a critical role in intensive aquaculture because it influences not only production costs...

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    Anti Stress

    The natural components in SAI-C promotes the growth of antimicrobial agents, increase protein assimilation...

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    Pond Management Products

    Dissolved oxygen (DO) refers to oxygen gas that is dissolved in water. Aquatic species "breathe" oxygen just...

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    Biosecurity Enhancers

    SAICLEAN is a unique Biosecurity Enhancer. It inactivates micro- organisms immediately on contact...

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    Immunity Enhancer

    RESISTIPRO is designed in a unique manner to offer the full potential of immunity boosting/immune response to...

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