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    Anti Stress

    Anti Stress


    The natural components in SAI-C promotes the growth of antimicrobial agents, increase protein assimilation and feed conversion rate, so that the animals gain weight faster without significant cumulative toxicity.

    SAI-C holds the promise of shifting the demand curve for synthetic chemicals for aquaculture.

    SAI-C is environmentally friendly and also biodegradable.

    SAI-C has added advantages of immunostimulation.

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    SAI - C

    Best way to fight street


    Each 100 gms of SAI - C contains :

    • 1000 mg extract of Amla (Embilica Officinalis)
    • 1000 mg extract of Ashwagandha
    • Excipients and
      preservatives – q.s.


    • Prevents subclinical infections and stress
    • Increases fater growth rate and weight gain.
    • Enhances the immune properties of host.
    • Helps maintain moulting cycle in order.
    • Improves good quality of flesh.
    • Provides feed attraction which helps to consume maximum feed.
    • Improves survival rate


    500 gm - 1 kg/ ton of feed or as directed by the Aqua Specialist


    10 kg

    25 kg