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    Immunity Enhancers

    Immunity Enhancers

    During out break of AI/VVND, indications of severe temperature, 20-80% mortality (in all age groups) are seen. Inspite of vaccination during chick stage, mortality prevails upto growing phase. Due to vaccination, the mortality though prevalent during growing phase, does not occur in higher proportions during laying phase.

    During outbreaks, in addition to mortality, severe depression in feed intake and severe egg production loss also occur. Remedies such as withholding feed helps only to a certain extent.

    In the meanwhile, due to low or no feed intake production drops by 20-25% or more. Recovery is slow and prolonged (upto 20 days) and production loss continues with at a rate of 10% less than the normal level. All these are due to breakdown of immunity. Any effort in the dietary medication may not result in full recovery.

    To pre-empt such outbreaks and also to sustain such outbreaks, preparing the bird to fight the onslaught is to create a conducive .defense mechanism (Immuno - Modulation).

    Although the virus can act as an antigen and ensures the CMI & Humoral immunities through the current vaccination programme, yet it is incomplete unless some immuno - modulators are pumped into the bird either at outbreak stage or on a prophylactic basis.

    IMMUNO PLUS is your preferred choice.

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    Immuno Plus

    Animal Feed Supplement


    • Vitamin E
    • Selenium
    • Probiotics
    • UGF
    • Chelated trace minerals


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    10 kg

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